We’ve decided to launch a complementary site to our main site, www.peakproposals.com, to help nonprofit organizations master communication challenges such as how to build and maintain a website, create a newsletter and other communication materials, and leverage social media.

Image: pixabay.com/geralt

Why this, why now?

We’ve decided to do this now—and to create a separate site for this content—for a few reasons:

  • First, we want to keep our main website, Peak Proposals, focused on helping organizations to identify potential funders, write competitive grant proposals, and manage the proposal process. The content on this second site, www.peakproposals.postachi.io, will be focused on a related topic, which is essentially how to market your nonprofit to potential donors and community supporters.

  • Second, on www.peakproposals.com, we tend to write in-depth posts, with each post serving as a guide to a particular topic such as how to write an executive summary. On this new website, we plan to use a less formal structure with shorter, more targeted posts.

  • Third, we wanted to experiment with a novel method for blogging to see if it might also work as an inexpensive way for nonprofits to publish a website. We’ve chosen www.postach.io to publish our blog because it is based on one of our favorite productivity tools, Evernote.

And lastly, our hope is that this space can lead to an active discussion and sharing of ideas among our readers. Let us know in the comments what you think of our new initiative and if you have suggestions on topics we should cover.

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